Mark Hamill Records Every Donald Trump Coronavirus Briefing For A Taunting Reason

The "Star Wars" actor doesn't do it to watch them.

Mark Hamill said he makes sure to record “each & every” one of the White House’s coronavirus task force briefings.

But it’s not to watch them, the “Star Wars” actor announced on Twitter Friday.

Instead, the movie star claimed he only does it so he can then take great satisfaction in deleting the updates ― during which President Donald Trump frequently spews falsehoods and attacks journalists ― “sight unseen.”

Hamill’s tweet came amid growing criticism of Trump’s conduct at the pressers, which the conservative Wall Street Journal’s editorial board this week described as “boring” and “notably off-key” and Fox News’ Brit Hume suggested should focus more on what public health officials have to say, rather than the president.

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