Mark Hamill Taunts Donald Trump With Math Question About Pinocchio's Nose

The "Star Wars" actor used the fictional children's character to call the president out on his lies.

Star Wars” actor Mark Hamill did the math on Pinocchio’s nose to ding President Donald Trump over his lies on Friday.

The Washington Post reported earlier this week that, as of Aug. 5, Trump had made more than 12,000 false and misleading claims since taking office.

Hamill pondered on Twitter how long Pinocchio’s nose would have grown in the fabled children’s story “had he told 12,000+” lies like Trump. He shared an image of Pinocchio’s extended nose after telling only five lies and answered his own question: “#2400TimesLonger.”

Hamill had earlier called on his 3.2 million followers to sign a petition that asks for a section of the New York City street outside Trump Tower on Manhattan’s Fifth Avenue to be renamed after former President Barack Obama.

The petition on MoveOn.org had by early Saturday morning garnered more than 383,000 signatures.

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