Mark Hamill Mocks Donald Trump's 'Space Force' With 'Star Wars' Burn

He wasn't the only celebrity to question Trump's proposed new branch of the military.

President Donald Trump may be getting all pumped up over his proposed “Space Force.”

But actor Mark Hamill doesn’t appear to be convinced about the hype ― and on Friday, the “Star Wars” legend dinged Trump with this tweet:

“For those of you worried that SPACE FORCE is the leaked title of #EpIX... Relax!” he wrote, referring to the upcoming “Star Wars” movie. “Turns out it’s just lie #3,253.”

Vice President Mike Pence said Thursday that the “time has come” for a U.S. Space Force ― but Hamill wasn’t the only one to question spending billions of dollars on a new extraplanetary branch of the military: