Mark Hamill Mocks Anti-Maskers In Dr. Seuss-Like Children's Book

The “Star Wars” star recently recorded a vocal track for “Will You Wear A Mask? I Ask,” a Dr. Seuss-style book about the need to wear face masks in public.

Actor Mark Hamill saved the universe from Darth Vader in the “Star Wars” series, but he faces an even more daunting challenge during the coronavirus: getting anti-maskers to take COVID-19 seriously.

Hamill recently recorded a vocal track for “Will You Wear A Mask? I Ask,” a Dr. Seuss-style book by Tom Ruegger in which two anthropomorphic creatures banter about the need to wear facial coverings in public during a pandemic.

The anti-masker ― who wears a red baseball cap ― has lots of “reasons” he won’t cover his face at a local business, most of them based on falsehoods:

“The COVID virus is a hoax/ Except for sickly old folks/ I’m immune!/ I read on Reddit!/ I’m healthy so I just can’t get it.”

The anti-masker claims the Constitution allows him not to wear a mask, and he even claims to have a doctor’s note.

However, the mask-wearing creature won’t accept it:

“Your doctor’s note has little use/ Since it was signed by Dr. Seuss.”

Watch a narrated video of the story below. Proceeds from the book will be donated to World Central Kitchen, a charity that helps provide food for communities in need.



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