Mark Hamill Expertly Mocks The Fake News Of His Own Death

"Truly a legend in his own mind."

Mark Hamill got the chance to write his own amusing obituary after fake news of his death spread online Friday.

The “Star Wars” actor mourned himself after a fake account falsely purporting to be from HuffPost claimed that he’d died:

“MUCH OF NATION MOURNS-RIP,” wrote Hamill in response to the lie.

He also dubbed himself a “wonderful-underrated” and “beloved icon” who was “truly a legend in his own mind.” He ended the post with the hashtags #SoGladIGotToMeetHim and #KindaSad.

Twitter has since suspended the fake @HuffPoGlobalPol account, but Hamill later shared this screenshot of the post to give context to his eulogy:

It’s not the first time this year that Hamill has been prematurely declared dead by people on the internet. He responded in similar hilarious style in February:

Hamill’s wry response to the latest bogus news of his demise appeared to delight many of his fans:

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