Mark Hamill Nails Impression Of 'Star Wars' Co-Star Harrison Ford

The mimicry is strong with this one.

Nailed it, he has.

Mark Hamill showed off his impression of “Star Wars” co-star Harrison Ford on Tuesday’s broadcast of “Late Night with Seth Meyers.”

And, well, the mimicry is certainly strong with this one.

While reminiscing about the early days on the set of the space opera movie franchise, Hamill delivered a pitch-perfect impersonation of Ford responding to his questioning of a scene.

Hamill is, of course, a renowned vocal artist.

In 2017, he famously read out President Donald Trump’s tweets in the style of the Joker, who he voiced in the animated “Batman” series.

Check out the “Late Night” interview above, and one of Hamill’s takes on Trump’s tweets below:

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