Mark Hamill Is Back As Trump The Joker, Reading Streep Tweets

"Am I the ONLY one man enough to confront this #OverratedFlunkyLoser?"
Luke Skywalker takes on the big guy again.
Luke Skywalker takes on the big guy again.
Dylan Martinez / Reuters

The “Trumpster” is back!

Star Wars” actor Mark Hamill has again nailed his Twitterverse-pleasing new vocation: reading Donald Trump’s creepy tweets in the sinister voice of the Joker from the animated Batman series. Hamill has been the voice of the Caped Crusader’s archenemy on the series for decades.

After a viral reading earlier this month of Trump’s losers-taunting New Year’s Day message, Hamill has tackled the president-elect’s tweets lashing “over-rated” three-time Oscar-winning actress Meryl Streep — who powerfully blasted Trump at the Golden Globes.

“Am I the only one man enough to confront this #OverratedFunkyLoser without resorting to an ad hominem assault?” Hamill tweeted Saturday as he unveiled his latest dark descent into the character of the Trumpster.

Hamill’s first Trumpster act apparently was inspired by comedy writer Matt Oswalt, who observed that the president-elect’s New Year’s Eve tweet sounded like something the Joker might say “before releasing a swarm of killer bees into Gotham.”

Hamill called that first “NewJeersToast” Trumpster “quote #1.” The latest is labeled, “Return of The Trumpster.”

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