Mark Hamill Admires The Joker’s Commitment To His New Year’s Resolutions

But the "Star Wars" actor, who has voiced Batman's nemesis in cartoons, admits there are limits to the respect.

Mark Hamill says the Joker can teach us to stick to New Year’s resolutions in his own twisted way.

The actor has voiced Batman’s villainous rival in cartoons and video games over the years in addition to his gig as Luke Skywalker in “Star Wars.“ So, he knows when the force is with such a criminal mind.

On Monday, New Year’s Eve, a Twitter user posted an old “Batman: The Animated Series” clip of Hamill’s Joker swearing not to kill anyone in the coming year but vowing to compensate by slaying a bunch before midnight. Hamill just had to weigh in.

“You gotta admire his commitment,” the 67-year-old actor cracked. He then listed resolution tips gleaned from the Joker’s evil declaration. But with limits. “Execute your course of action that, hopefully, excludes executing anyone,” Hamill advised.

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