Mark Hamill Trolls Pro-Trump 'J6' Rally With A Blunt 'Star Wars' Comparison

Hamill compared the event to the worst "Star Wars" moment of all time.

Screen icon Mark Hamill mocked supporters of former President Donald Trump by comparing their weekend “Justice for J6” rally to the most infamous moment in the history of the “Star Wars” franchise.

Washington, D.C., was braced for unrest on Saturday due to the event in support of those jailed in connection with the violent attack on Jan. 6, when a mob stirred up by Trump stormed the U.S. Capitol in a failed attempt to block the certification of the presidential election, which he lost.

Fears grew after Trump himself last week issued a statement of support for those arrested in connection with the violence.

But the rally was a bust ― drawing fewer than 100 people, with media and police outnumbering rallygoers.

Or, as Hamill put it:

The “Star Wars Holiday Special” holds an infamous place in franchise history, despite airing just once and never being officially available in its entirety in any other format since.

But bootlegs persist:

Marvel is taking another crack at the special in a different format this autumn with a one-shot comic centered around Life Day, the Wookiee holiday featured in the much-maligned TV show.

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