Mark Hamill Shares Star Wars Resistance Meme To Save USPS And The Election

The U.S. Postal Service has been struggling under nationwide cuts ordered by Trump's hand-picked postmaster general, Louis DeJoy.

Screen icon Mark Hamill shared a meme on Sunday that turns one of the most memorable moments from the β€œStar Wars” films into a call to arms to protect the United States Postal Service.

The image, created by political meme-maker Paul Leigh, was inspired by the moment the late Carrie Fisher’s Princess Leia gave the Death Star plans to R2-D2. But the trusty little droid was replaced by a trusty little blue USPS mailbox instead:

Leigh even gave Leia a mask, no doubt to protect her fellow members of the Rebel Alliance from space-germs.

The USPS under Trump’s hand-picked new postmaster general, Louis DeJoy, has been removing mailboxes and mail sorters, cutting overtime and taking other measures that have dramatically delayed mail. In some cases, mail that used to take just a few days is now taking weeks to reach its destination.

On Sunday, the USPS said it would stop removing mailboxes until after the election. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) plans to call lawmakers back to Washington from vacation this week to vote on legislation that would protect the USPS.

Hamill has been among many tweeting in support of postal workers and restoring postal service. Last week, he shared a link to a petition urging DeJoy’s removal, which to date, has collected more than 850,000 signatures.

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