Mark Hatfield, Georgia Birther And GOP State Lawmaker, Demolished By Primary Challenger

A Georgia state GOP lawmaker and attorney who lent himself to birther causes won't be returning to the state legislature next year after suffering a crushing defeat to a young political upstart.

Republican State Rep. Mark Hatfield had earlier represented two men in an unsuccessful challenge to President Barack Obama's ballot eligibility over claims he wasn't a natural born citizen. During his tenure in the Georgia state legislature, he also introduced a birther bill. On Tuesday, however, 26-year-old farmer and businessman Tyler Harper put Hatfield's career on hold, winning 63 percent of the vote to his 29 percent and ending Hatfield's quest for a state senate seat.

On his website, Harper touts his conservative and Christian credentials. He thanked his supporters for their hard work in a Facebook post on Wednesday, promising to continue running "clean and positive campaign," perhaps a subtle jab at some questionable tactics used by Hatfield in the run-up to Tuesday's contest.

Harper's win sets up a battle of the youth in November. He'll face off against Democrat Donald Mitchell, another 26-year-old who ran unopposed in his primary.