Mark Hoffman: Discussion On Cybersecurity Is 'Evolving' Thanks To The Sony Hack

CNBC President Mark Hoffman spoke with HuffPost Live at Davos Wednesday about the "evolving" discussion on cybersecurity, saying the recent Sony hacking further propelled the issue into the global conversation.

Hoffman said it's "critically important" for businesses to focus on cybersecurity.

"There are many, many things in the world that seem daunting at this time. Cybersecurity is certainly one of them," Hoffman said, noting NBC is taking the issue "extremely seriously."

"Across the spectrum, there has been a ramp not only in investment and concern about cybersecurity, but an evolving, ongoing look that's been further accelerated by what happened at Sony," Hoffman said. "I think people are looking for solutions and safety and it's one of the key issues that companies are facing these days."

Below, more updates from the 2015 Davos Annual Meeting: