Mark Joiner Receives Death Threats After Joking About Killing Dog On Facebook

National Lampoon magazine once got laughs by imploring readers: Buy this magazine or we'll shoot this dog.

When Mark Joiner II made a similar remark on Facebook about his two-month-old puppy, Stella, he got death threats.

Last Wednesday, Stella, a miniature Papillon, pooped on Joiner's bed and chewed up some of his belongings.

The 28-year-old California man was so angry at her actions that he posted her photo on Facebook and said he wanted to get rid of her, adding, “pick her up today, or she’ll be shot and stuck in a hole,” reported.

facebook post

"I started this little story to stir up my friends' attitudes," he told the Sacramento Bee. "I tell little stories to get an 'ahh' or maybe to get a laugh. I like people's reaction; I studied sociology, so I get a kick out it."

But people who read the Facebook post, including several from out of state, took screen shots and contacted police in Joiner's home town of Ceres. Officers stopped by Joiner's home to check on Stella.

“I don’t think I’ve had such an influx of calls,” Ceres Police Sgt. Danny Vierra told KOVR-TV. “Unfortunately it takes resources from the police department, because we have to follow up on these cases.”

At least one of the people who expressed their displeasure at Joiner's post threatened him with death: “If someone doesn’t deal with this guy, I’m going to personally,” the station quoted someone as saying.

Police showed up at Joiner's door and decided Stella was not in danger, the Fresno Bee reported.



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