Mark Kirk Is AIPAC's Million Dollar Baby

Check out my piece from Media Matters Action Network.

Mark Kirk, the House member from Chicago who is now the GOP Senate nominee, is the #1 recipient of pro-Israel PAC money in the entire House. In fact, of the top 10 recipients from both Houses, he is the only House member.

Why do the PACs love him?

It is because Kirk is a pure Israel-firster. For Kirk, Israel can do no wrong. Add to that that he sits on the House Appropriations Subcommittee on Foreign Operations where he brings home the bacon for Israel big time. Its wish is his command.

I would not categorize him as pro-Israel because that would require supporting an end to the deadly status quo. Mark Kirk is just pro-AIPAC and shaking the trees for all the campaign money he can get by his hate rhetoric about Arabs. Playing like he's "pro-Israel" -- and not just pro lobby -- has paid off very very well for him.

And he's given the lobby not just all the foreign aid it wants but the red meat they love.

During the Gaza war, he famously told a pro-Gaza war pep rally in Washingtom that "it's time to take the trash out" in Gaza. That was at a time when 1,400 Palestinians, most of them civilians (and 320 children) were being killed by the Israeli army.

Kirk has courted AIPAC since he was a House staffer and now it could pay off big time for the lobbying powerhouse. In the past, AIPAC has had hundreds of senators who took all their cues on the Middle East from AIPAC. But, in Kirk, they will have something else. Their very own senator.

Sen. Mark Kirk (R-AIPAC).