Mark Kirk Military Record Attacked By Veterans In New DSCC Ad (VIDEO)

WATCH The New Ad By Veterans: 'Mark Kirk Serves Himself, Not Us'

With twelve days until the midterm elections, the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee isn't about to let Illinois voters forget about Mark Kirk.

Specifically, they're paying for a 30-second spot to remind voters about Kirk's much-embellished military record. The ad features several veterans expressing their disappointment in Kirk's lies about his service and his votes in the House.

Scroll down to watch the commercial.

The spot, "Honor," highlights Kirk's dubious claims about his service in Iraq, as well as his votes against combat bonuses and job training for veterans.

So far, there are no details about the size of the ad buy, or in what markets it will be shown.

The DSCC's counterpart, the National Republican Senatorial Committee, hit back immediately after the ad launched.

"Only one candidate in this race honorably served our nation's military, while the other loaned millions of dollars to known criminals and lost millions of dollars in Illinois' college savings program," said NRSC press secretary Amber Marchand in a release. "This ad is shameful, and it's offensive to all of the men and women who have bravely served our nation's armed forces."

The ad had been foreshadowed in a blog post on The Weekly Standard earlier this week, in which blogger Daniel Halper caught Democratic operative Carl Nyberg soliciting veterans for the spot on Facebook.

"Will veterans stand for this?" Halper wrote. "A man who never served recruiting veterans to smear a fellow veteran for political gain? Will the mainstream media catch on and finally call out Giannoulias for going over the line? We'll see."

Watch the new DSCC spot:

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