Mark Kirk Flip-Flops Mid-Speech After Boos (VIDEO)

The Plum Line's Greg Sargent pulls video from a GOP Rally in DuPage County, Illinois, that features GOP Representative and would-be Illinois Senator Mark Kirk executing a hilarious flip-flop in front of his constituents.

At about the three minute mark, Kirk tells the audience, "Briefly about cap and trade, I voted for it because it was in the narrow interests of my Congressional district." A chorus of boos ensues. Kirk takes a breath, and then pulls a Mitt Romney: "But as your representative, representing the entire state of Illinois, I would vote 'No' on that bill coming up." Voila! The boos become applause!


Sargent says, "I'm genuinely unclear on what this means." That makes two of us! What Kirk seems to be implying is that as a representative of Illinois' 10th District, he has to pander to his cap-and-trade loving constituents. BUT DON'T YOU WORRY, REST OF THE STATE OF ILLINOIS! As soon as Mark Kirk gets the senator's seat, his former constituents are dead to him.

The irony here is that Kirk demonstrates a tremendous dexterity for putting a cap on, and then trading, his own convictions. Well, if Kirk makes it to the Senate, he'll be able to study disingenuousness alongside the great masters, like Lindsey Graham:

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