Fox News Host Marc Levin Rips Up American Flag In Unhinged TV Meltdown

Levin also tore a photo of Martin Luther King Jr.

Fox News host Mark Levin ripped up a printed copy of the American flag and a photo of the late civil rights icon Martin Luther King Jr. on his show on Sunday night.

Levin tried to smear Democrats as “destroying” the country and attacked “every one of their candidates” ― some by name ― as “radical.”

He also claimed he believes America is “the greatest country on the face of the Earth.”

But he picked an odd way to show it by ripping up the flag:

The divisive picture-ripping rant was Levin’s way of blaming Democrats for the nation’s divisions.

See his full monologue here.

Levin, a conspiracy theorist known for his extreme fealty to Donald Trump, spent much of his monologue ripping up images. Along with the flag and King, he tore pictures of Abraham Lincoln, the Constitution and money — all to supposedly show how much Democrats hate those things.

Twitter users called out Levin for his stunt:

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