Fox News Host Mark Levin Calls Robert Mueller A 'Coward' And 'Utterly Unethical'

"I do not respect this prosecutor at all."

Talk radio host and Fox News host Mark Levin slammed special counsel Robert Mueller for failing to reach a conclusion on whether President Donald Trump obstructed justice.

Levin, a Trump critic early in the 2016 campaign who has since become a staunch supporter, took little comfort in the fact that the report cleared Trump and his campaign of collusion with Russia as the nation meddled in the 2016 election. 

Instead, he said Mueller should have gone further and solved the obstruction issue as well, then called him a “coward” for not doing so. 

“Not only was it a cop-out, I think he was a coward,” he said. “He didn’t have a case.”

He said the fact that Mueller didn’t subpoena the president and take him to court was a sign he didn’t have probable cause.

“I do not respect this prosecutor at all,” he said. “It took him two years to tell us there was no collusion?” 

Levin said Mueller should have ended the investigation last year and held a press conference announcing no collusion, even though his appointment orders required him to file a confidential report with the attorney general and not make his own announcement. 

Then, he called Mueller “utterly unethical” over the investigation: