Mark Malkoff Visits Netflix Headquarters After Watching 252 Movies (VIDEO)

Over the last month, comedian/publicity stunt aficionado Mark Malkoff did something both heroic and unbelievably stupid: He watched as many movies as humanly possible over Netflix's streaming service.

After watching 252 movies in order to make the most out of his $8 monthly subscription, the full list of which can be found here, Malkoff was rewarded for his quest with an invitation to Netflix headquarters, where his brain was picked by the company's executives -- hey, they need to get their research from somewhere, so why not the guy who likely knows their product better than they do?

While there, Malkoff watched the cult classic "Troll 2," met with CEO Reed Hastings and even got Mark Malkoff Day named in his honor. Now, if only he asked them on camera what they were thinking with Qwikster.