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Mark Mawson, Photographer, Creates "Aqueous Electreau" Photo Series

British photographer Mark Mawson has taken our breath away with another photo series made from the simple ingredients of paint and water.

Dubbed "Aqueous Electreau," this is the photographer's third series featuring kaleidoscopes of colors suspended in water.

The inspiration for Mawson's creation came from the simple act of watching milk being poured into the numerous cups of coffee.

"After the success of Aqueous Fluoreau, I wanted to try and produce some work which was equally as bright and bold without it being repetitive" Mawson told the Huffington Post.

"I used colors that were very electro, hence the name and the images had a resemblance to 'ectoplasm', ghosts and spirit photography," he adds.

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Check out photographer "Aqueous Electreau" below: