Mark-Paul Gosselaar: 'Saved By The Bell' Is 'Not A Great Show'

Mark-Paul Gosselaar, you can head straight to Mr. Belding's office. The star of "Franklin & Bash" told Yahoo! TV that "Saved by the Bell," the '90s cult-hit teen series that launched his career is "not a great show."

Gosselaar called the "Saved by the Bell" writing "hokey" and said the show is "very much a piece of that time." Can you blame him? Take for example, his notorious giant cell phone or the now classic Jessie-Spano-gets-addicted-to-caffeine-pills scene.

"I'm so excited, I'm so excited I'm so ... scared." (If you need a refresher, see below.)

In 2009, Gosselaar did an interview with Jimmy Fallon as Zack Morris. He even said he'd do a reunion with the cast.

Watch Gosselaar's interview as Zack -- giant phone in hand -- below.