Microsoft Exec: People Actually Aren't Afraid Of Technology

Mark Penn, an executive vice president at Microsoft, visited HuffPost Live at Davos to discuss how technology is viewed around the world.

Penn shared the results of a Microsoft survey of 10,000 Internet users in 10 different countries.

"We decided to really take a benchmark study and see, how do people view technology in their lives in the developing and developed countries? And the answer overall is phenomenally positively," Penn said. "And I think particularly they zeroed in and said, you know what? Technology is helping us, you know, create businesses, be empowered in business, create economic opportunities."

Penn said that despite talk of technology causing "dislocation," most people surveyed "said is technology is in fact creating jobs and creating opportunities."

"In the developing countries they were, I would say, over the moon on technology and what it's doing in terms of economic transformation," Penn said.

Penn also weighed in on which countries see technology as vital economically, and which countries were hesitant about technology.

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