Mark Pryor: Some Republicans Are 'Acting Childish' Over Government Shutdown, Debt Ceiling (VIDEO)

Sen. Mark Pryor (D-Ark.) ripped Republicans on Tuesday morning, accusing some members of the party of "acting childish" over the government shutdown and debt ceiling debate.

In an interview with CNN's "New Day," Pryor had an optimistic prediction about a deal being reached in the Senate Tuesday. At the same time, he also revealed frustrations about the point of view held by a fraction of the GOP.

"They almost want to shut down," Pryor said. "They want to see us break the debt ceiling, things like that, very irresponsible. I don't think that's where most of the Republicans are, but they're allowing that smaller group to drive the train."

Pryor's comments come on the heels of a new poll which showed Arkansas diverging from other polls on which party is responsible for the government shutdown. Hendrix College/Talk Business surveyed 603 likely voters over a one-day period, finding that 40 percent blamed President Barack Obama and Democrats for the gridlock. On the other side, 35 percent blamed Republicans and 24 percent said both parties deserve equal blame.

Pryor sits in a swing area of the country, standing as the lone Democrat among Arkansas' four representatives and two senators. With a ways to go before Election Day 2014, Pryor sits in a tight race against Rep. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.), holding a one-point edge in HuffPost Pollster's six-poll compilation.

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