NASA Engineer Builds World's Largest Nerf Gun And It's Awesome

The darts are made from plungers and pool noodles.

A former NASA engineer may rocket to fame with his newest creation: the world's largest Nerf gun.

Mark Rober said he built the supersized Nerf toy mostly to survive in the workplace.

"People have these Nerf dart wars at work," Rober explained on a YouTube video showing off his handiwork. "In an effort to keep people from picking on me, I decided to create the world's largest functional Nerf gun."

Regular Nerf darts are too small for Rober's ginormous Nerf gun so he makes his own using plungers and pool noodles.

The gun is powered by a paintball canister capable of shooting 3,000-pounds-per-square-inch.

That's a little too powerful for Rober's needs so he's modified the gun so each blast of air pressure that fills the gun can shoot off five shots before it needs a refill.

The darts shoot out of the gun at around 40 mph and can travel nearly 400 feet -- perfect for some Nerf skeet shooting.

Of course, why do that when you have a watermelon handy?

No word on what Rober will do with his giant Nerf gun, but we definitely don't want to get on his bad side.

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