Mark Romanek's VMA Kia Commercial: Follow-Up To 'Never Let Me Go' (VIDEO)

'Never Let Me Go' Director Does The VMA Kia Commercial

In our latest installment of "But why?" news, director Mark Romanek has followed up his pensive feature film, "Never Let Me Go," starring Hollywood superstars Carrie Mulligan and Keira Knightley, with a Kia commercial. Romanek is a polymath with a strange-looking reel: nowhere else does Keira share billing with an H&R Block ad, but this pairing is especially strange considering the self-seriousness of Romanek's latest big work versus how many urls come up when you search "Kia jokes." The Kia spot, which premiered during the VMAs, speaks to Romanek's extensive career in music videos. It's set to LMFAO's "Rock Party Anthem," and has no dialogue -- just enormous Kia hamsters facing off silently against an army of robots as the earth crumbles. Way to make the best Kia ad ever, acclaimed film director Mark Romanek.

WATCH the commercial below:

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