Mark Ruffalo (Way) Before 'Avengers': See The Hulk & Scarlett Johansson's Vintage Photos

"The Avengers" DVD hit stores on Tuesday, so fans of the smash-hit superhero movie can revel in its epic-ness as many times as they want. But before popping in that disc, take a glance at these photos of the film's cast.

Take Mark Ruffalo, for example. Before he was Hulking out as Dr. Bruce Banner, he was just another mortal, posing for his yearbook photo:

mark ruffalo avenges

Ruffalo is still recognizable, if only for his luscious hair. Here's how he's turned out:

mark ruffalo

But Ruffalo isn't the only superhero to be uncovered. Can you guess who this young lady grew up to be?

scarlett johannsen

That's right, that young Scarlett Johansson turned out to make quite a convincing Black Widow:

scarlett johansson three point landing

Head over to our friends at Snakkle for the rest of the cast's vintage photos. More fun in the gallery below! Can you guess these celebs?

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