Mark Ruffalo: 'I'm A Feminist'

Mark Ruffalo thinks feminism is cool -- and we couldn't agree more.

During a June 8 interview at AOL BUILD, Ruffalo joined writer and director Maya Forbes and actress Imogene Wolodarsky in conversation with HuffPost Live's Ricky Camilleri to discuss their upcoming film "Infinitely Polar Bear," feminism, and women in Hollywood.

In response to a question about the lack of female directors in the film industry, Forbes said that women need to make up at least 50 percent of directors in Hollywood. Ruffalo went on to add his two cents: “I agree. I love women directors. I’m a feminist, by the way.”

"I didn’t know there were any [non-feminists] left in the world," he later added. "I thought we pretty much came to the 50-50, like [feminism]-is-cool conclusion.”

Recently, Ruffalo reblogged a post on Tumblr that discussed women who openly reject feminism. During the interview, he talked about his reasons for posting the essay and why it's so important.

“The substance of the piece I really agreed with, which was basically women saying that feminism basically sucked," he said. "And the woman [writer] was saying you enjoy a lot of things that people starved to death in a prison cell so that you could vote today. People put their lives on the line so that you had freedoms, that you could join the workforce.”

Happy to hear Ruffalo has (officially) identified with the feminist movement. Welcome to the cool kids club, Mark.

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