How The Internet Saved Mark Ruffalo's Phone From Storm Jonas

Never underestimate the "13 Going on 30" fan community.

Mark Ruffalo might have played an investigative journalist in the Oscar-nominated "Spotlight," but when it comes to his own personal property, he's just as lost as the rest of us. 

It turns out that Storm Jonas not only claimed the actor's cell phone, but also his wallet case, when Ruffalo decided to brave the New York City streets after the storm pummeled the East Coast on Saturday. 

"APB out for a cell phone in a wallet case out on the streets of NYC in a blizzard. My drivers license is in there. Reward and signed pic," the actor tweeted to his 2 million followers, who quickly sprung into action. 

Only 18 minutes later, Ruffalo reported that someone had located the phone, thanking Twitter for helping him through his #phonequest. 

And who was lucky enough to find Mr. Ruffalo's phone? That would be Amenaide and Catherine Brown, two adorable girls.

Ugh, we totally missed out. Finding Mark Ruffalo's cell phone would have been the ultimate meet cute. Reward, you say? How about spending the rest of our lives together? 

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