Mark Ruffalo Answered The Sexist Questions Scarlett Johansson Typically Gets During Press Interviews

Scarlett Johansson (similar to many other female celebrities) has to field a lot of sexist questions during press interviews. (Examples here, here and here.) In a recent interview however, the types of questions typically reserved for Johansson were given to her "Avengers: Age Of Ultron" co-star Mark Ruffalo.

The interviewer, Cosmopolitan UK's Claire Hodgson, flipped the script on the two stars and asked Ruffalo about his red carpet attire, diet and makeup tips. Johansson got to answer the fun questions, including how she developed her character and what kind of stunts she had to do in the film. The results are undeniably funny and important, uncovering the blatant sexism so many celebrity women face.

When asked if he felt pressure to slim down or lose weight for his role in the film, Ruffalo responded: "Not really… I don't like to go to the gym very much if I can help it." Such a simple, rather boring answer shows just how banal these questions can be.

As we've seen from so many gender-swapped parodies, subjecting men to the biases and experiences women deal with reveals the depth of everyday sexism.

Watch the full video above.

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