Mark Salter Revealed As Author Of 'O' By Mark Halperin

Mysterious Author Of Obama Book Revealed?

Time's Mark Halperin claims to have solved the mystery of the anonymous author behind O: A Presidential Novel, saying that the scribe is none other than former John McCain adviser Mark Salter.

Halperin reports that his finding has been "confirmed by sources," but also points to a number of other clues, including the fact that "there is a story early in the book based on a real-life tale that would have been known only to a McCain campaign insider such as Salter."

The New York Post's "Page Six" appears to have been right on the money about this one. This from a report that predated the January 25th release of the book by nearly a week.

But we're hearing buzz that Mark Salter, John McCain's closest aide and speechwriter on the 2008 campaign, is the ghostwriter. Salter co-authored McCain's biography, "Faith of My Fathers," and continues to work as a speechwriter. His adjective-filled style is similar to the "O" author's.

One week ago, Salter emailed Politico's Ben Smith: "Sorry. Been asked not to comment, and am happy to oblige."

On Thursday morning, Smith tweeted, "Salter emails that he has 'The same comment I had the last time. None.'"

Salter emails that he has "The same comment I had the last time. None."less than a minute ago via Tweetie for Mac


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