'Tucker Carlson' Guest Says Cory Booker Pretends He's 'Homie From The Hood'

Fox News regular Mark Steyn picked up where the now-on-holiday Carlson left off — and he couldn't even get Booker's education right.

Tucker Carlson was on vacation Thursday but the racist blather on his Fox News show was not.

Right-wing guest Mark Steyn kept up the incendiary talk after Carlson suddenly announced he was going on holiday when hit with criticism (and an advertiser departure) following his remarks that white supremacy is a “hoax.”

Enabled by fill-in “Tucker Carlson Tonight” host Brian Kilmeade, Steyn directed a bigoted insult at Democratic presidential candidate Cory Booker ― and messed up a biographical fact about him, too.

The two Fox Newsies first discussed actress Rosanna Arquette’s recent controversial tweet lamenting that she was “born white and privileged.” Steyn dismissed the post as “virtue signaling” and accused Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-N.Y.), another presidential candidate, of using the same strategy on the campaign trail. He then segued into his dig at Sen. Booker (D-N.J.), a Black candidate who previously served as mayor of Newark.

“Meanwhile, you have someone like Cory Booker who’s been to Harvard, Oxford and Yale Law School, the three best universities on the planet, pretending he’s like some homie from the hood,” he exclaimed.

Booker never attended Harvard. He got an undergraduate and masters degree at Stanford. But do carry on:

“This identity politics virtue signaling is now departing from any conceivable reality,” Steyn said.

Watch the segment, shared by Media Matters, above.