Mark Stone, Sky News Reporter, Detained Live On Air In China (VIDEO)

WATCH: Reporter Detained Live On Air In China

Mark Stone, a correspondent for Sky News, was speaking to viewers live from Tiananmen Square when he was detained by Chinese police.

The correspondent and his cameraman were brought to a room for questioning. Remarkably, Stone was able to continue broadcasting live from a police van and the room where he was taken. He speculated that the police must have thought he was filming something for later, instead of filming live.

The footage, seen above (via Alexander Wickham), showed him being brought onto the van and being filmed by a police officer. "I should make the point that throughout this, the police have been entirely civil with us, but nonetheless, they are detaining us," he said, before speaking to a police officer. "This is a classic example of the way things seem to work sometimes in China."

He posited that he had been detained because he mentioned the 1989 protests at Tiananmen Square when he was doing his live shot.

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