10 Photos Of Mark Twain Being Awesome

"Autobiography of Mark Twain, Volume 2: The Complete and Authoritative Edition" came out earlier this month (the first volume was published in 2010).

Volume 2 continues where Volume 1 left off. It follows a non-chronological trajectory, going from childhood memories to later life musings.

The stories are epic (read an excerpt here about his dinner with Helen Keller!), but so are the photos.

Here's a peek at some of them:

All photos courtesy of the Mark Twain Papers, Bancroft Library, University of California, Berkeley.

  • Samuel Clemens as an apprentice printer. C 1850.
  • Samuel L. Clemens shirtless, Elmira, N.Y., 1884.
  • Samuel L. Clemens at the Hannibal train station in June 1902.
  • Samuel L. Clemens in London, England, 1873.
  • Samuel L. Clemens in a cart drawn by a horse and a cow, 1897.
  • Samuel L. Clemens in Seattle, Washington 1895.
  • Susy and Samuel Clemens in costume after enacting the story of Hero and Leander, on the porch at Onteora, 1890.
  • Samuel and Olivia Clemns, Dollis Hill House, 1900: "Mamma and Papa under the oaks and beeches where we always sat and had our tea."
  • Clemens with John T. Lewis in Elmira 1 July 1903.
  • Clemens and Twitchell in Bermuda, January 1907.