Mark Twain's Autobiography: Previously Unpublished Documents Reveal Shocking View Of Christianity, Criticism Of Roosevelt (VIDEO)

Mark Twain's autobiography will be published this November, 100 years after his death, per Twain's own dying wishes. A fear of being shunned for the shocking and controversial opinions that he voices in the document left Twain unwilling to release his autobiography until long after his death, but the time has come to unveil Twain's revelations about his own life. The documents, which have been housed at UC Berkeley for decades, were long considered unfinished, but after six years, scholars have been able to piece the autobiography together to reveal a fully-formed book.

The book contains some shocking opinions which would have been extremely controversial in Twain's day, including a criticism of Christianity -- "Ours is a terrible religion" -- and of Teddy Roosevelt. It also reveals Twain's insights into his own writing process, such as a description of how he overcame writer's block while writing "Tom Sawyer."

The autobiography will be published in three volumes, the first of which will hit the shelves in November.


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