Mark Wahlberg Disses SNL Again: I'm Going To Punch Andy Samberg (VIDEO)

The feud lives!

Mark Wahlberg wants to punch Andy Samberg in the nose for doing a skit about him talking to animals, he told Jimmy Kimmel Thursday. Walhberg already voiced his displeasure at the SNL skit with Samberg imitating him talking to animals.

Wahlberg told Kimmel, "When I see that kid, I'm going to crack that big fucking nose of his. Then I'm going to tell him, 'say hi to your mother for me'.... I'm going to go down to '30 Rock'.. and I'm going to slap him in the nose... I guaran-fucking-tee you."

He says it with a lot more curse words though, hence the very many bleeps in the full clip below.