Mark Wahlberg Schools Ellen DeGeneres On The Benefits Of Cryotherapy

The "Instant Family" star reveals how his "stuff" survives the sub-zero temperatures.

Mark Wahlberg is going to some shivery lengths to keep fit these days.

The “Ted” star and fitness enthusiast spoke to Ellen DeGeneres Wednesday about using a cryotherapy, or “cryo,” chamber after working out. The process, he said, involves going into a small room kept at 150 degrees below zero to help ease muscle pain.

“You go in for three minutes,” Wahlberg explained. “But you can move around, you can listen to a song, and it really helps with recovery.”

Cryotherapy, Wahlberg said, requires participants to wear only a mask, gloves, socks, a hat and underwear. However, he also recalled his visit to one Ohio-based cryo chamber, “where you actually have to cover your nipples as well because they will start to really freeze and whatever else could happen.”

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Looking skeptical, DeGeneres pressed the actor about how his “stuff” survives the brutal temperature.

“It just shrivels up a little bit,” Wahlberg quipped. “It’s OK, it comes back to normal.”

Wahlberg’s “Ellen DeGeneres Show” appearance coincided with the premiere of the trailer for his next film, “Instant Family.” Due out in November, the comedy stars Wahlberg and Rose Bryne as a couple who make plans to adopt a child through the foster care system, but wind up a family of five.

Catch the “Instant Family” trailer below.

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