Mark Wahlberg: 'Entourage' Movie Will Happen When The 'Guys Stop Being So Greedy'

Mark Wahlberg: 'Greedy' People To Blame For 'Entourage' Delay

Mark Wahlberg may need to hug it out with his friends from the cast of "Entourage." Stopped at Los Angeles International Airport on Monday night by a Halloween-obsessed member of the paparazzi (watch the video) and asked about the status of the feature adaptation of the HBO series, Wahlberg threw some unnamed participants under the bus.

"Soon as [those] guys stop being so greedy," Wahlberg said when asked what was holding up the "Entourage" movie. He quickly backed away from the comments: "No, we just want to make sure ... it's one of those things where if the movie is a success, then we'll get to make a lot more of them, and then everybody will make a lot of money," he said. "We want to make it for the fans. It's the most I've ever been asked about a movie."

That there is trouble in the paradise of "Entourage" is far from surprising. Back in August, writer-director Doug Ellin alluded to the difficulty of making an "Entourage" movie in a Twitter conversation with cast member Kevin Connolly:

In September, Page Six reported that Adrian Grenier and Jerry Ferrara were among the cast members holding up the "Entourage" film. (Kevin Connolly and Jeremy Piven have already signed deals.) Ellin, didn't comment on that report, but did discuss the film's productions woes with fans on Twitter:

For his part, Wahlberg is not too far from the "Entourage" world: He's listed as an executive producer on the new Arturo Gatti biopic that will star Ferrara as the famous boxer. For more on "Entourage," head to TMZ.

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