Mark Wahlberg Is Totally Shredded After A 45-Day Fitness Challenge

The "Instant Family" actor's blasted physique earned instant praise from quarterback Tom Brady.

Mark Wahlberg looks ready for another underwear ad.

The “Instant Family” actor was once known as Marky Mark and appeared in a famous 1992 campaign for Calvin Klein. He was ripped and young.

Now, he’s shredded and 48, crediting a 45-day training challenge with no wine for his six-pack abs and bulging muscles in a photo he shared on Instagram Saturday. “Age is just a number,” he wrote as a hashtag.

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady was impressed. “We are looking for some skill players @markwahlberg,” he commented. Wahlberg, a Patriots fan, joked in response that he was ready to fill a spot.

“Show em what fellas in their 40’s are all about!” TV host and “Saved by the Bell” alum Mario Lopez wrote. “You look awesome bro!!”

Wahlberg, never shy about showing off his torso, completed a similar challenge last year. The “Ted” star once said he began his day at 2:30 a.m., so even if he has the best training help that Hollywood stardom can buy, he is committed.

“We keep aspiring to be better,” he wrote in a Monday entry.

A clip he shared Sunday shows in part how he earned his physique.