Mark Wahlberg Talks 9/11 Comments, Apologizes, Slams Reporter

Mark Wahlberg Talks 9/11 Comments, Apologizes, Slams Reporter

Mark Wahlberg has once again apologized for making controversial comments about September 11th in the new issue of Men's Journal, and is now calling into question the journalist who wrote the story, as well.

Wahlberg told the writer that he would have fought off the terrorists had he been on one of the hijacked planes on September 11th, 2001. The comment was taken out of context, he told a number of radio interviewers.

"I don't go out doing publicity for movies or a magazine cover talking about what's important to me," he told the Kidd Kraddick Radio Show. "I want to promote the movie and whatever questions they want to ask me I am more than comfortable talking about. But it wasn't a Q&A where it was the exact question and my exact response. It was somebody's interpretation of it and you know... that's not OK because I don't want people to be offended. I would never do that."

He was also upset about the sexual questions that were raised in the interview.

"This guy is asking me about sexual questions and I'm married and I have 4 kids, how inappropriate is that?" he commented.

Still, he understands that, as printed, his words did offend people. He completely understands the uproar, he said, and apologized once again.

"I'm not trying to duck and hide. I will certainly continue to apologize to anybody that I offended because that was never my intention," he told the Jojo, Reagan and the Mix Morning Show in Baltimore. "Anybody who was on those planes was a hero. And you want to do anything you can do to prevent something like that from happening. Being somebody who at one point was scheduled to be on one of those flights, I get asked about it a lot and that was the gist of it."

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