Mark Wahlberg's SNL Visit To Talk To Andy Samberg (VIDEO)

Was it all a setup or did it become one in recent days?

Mark Wahlberg first criticized Andy Samberg's "Mark Wahlberg Talks To Animals" sketch of him a week ago, and Thursday told Jimmy Kimmel he wanted to beat his face in.

Wahlberg then stopped by SNL last night. In the Palin-starring monologue he stopped by asking Lorne Michaels where Samberg's dressing room was, "Are you going to make me bust your head in too? Because I will."

Several skits later he creeped up on Samberg and claimed the impression was nothing like him, all while speaking just like Samberg's Wahlberg.


Wahlberg Stop By Monologue (halfway in with 2:20 left):
Wahlberg talks to Samberg:
The Samberg sketch from 2 weeks ago: