Mark Zuckerberg Vows To Code Every Day This Year

When you're a man like Mark Zuckerberg, apparently, running one of the most popular websites in the world just isn't enough of a challenge.

Facebook's young CEO has set an interesting, yearly goal for himself since 2009, the year he wore a tie to work every day. After learning Mandarin in 2010 and eating only meat he's killed himself in 2011, Zuck has pledged this year to return to his geeky roots: coding.

According to a recent Bloomberg Businessweek report, Zuckerberg has vowed to code every day of this year, a challenge that may very well serve him good. Last September, Feross Aboukhadijeh, a former Facebook intern and the creator of YouTube Instant, shared an anecdote with New York Magazine describing Zuck having trouble coding for Facebook's Group feature as the team prepared the product for its launch in 2010.

Now, after two years of focusing on Facebook's enormous growth, we wouldn't be surprised if Zuck was still a little rusty with his coding. With that in mind, perhaps this is the perfect time for him to brush up on his skills; as Bloomberg's Douglas MacMillan points out, freshening up his programming chops may help Zuckerberg ground his engineers and, in MacMillan's words, help Facebook "keep its cool factor as it becomes a publicly-traded giant."

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