Mark Zuckerberg Covers His Laptop Camera With Tape

The Facebook billionaire might be a wee bit paranoid.

Notice anything about Mark Zuckerberg's laptop? He apparently covers the camera, possibly out of concern for his own security.

The Facebook CEO took to the social network to celebrate 500 million Instagram users by sharing a photo taken at the Facebook headquarters in California. In the photo, his desk and laptop are visible -- and so are a couple pieces of strategically placed tape.

An eagle-eyed viewer named Chris Olson, who currently works for a software startup called Replicated, spotted the interesting tidbits on Zuckerberg's hardware.

Gizmodo noted that it is almost certainly Zuckerberg's desk, as it appears to be identical to the desk he showcased in a tour during his first Facebook Live video back in October -- sunscreen, books and all.

"When I first saw the photo I quickly noticed tape covering the camera," Olson told The Huffington Post. "I’ve actually seen this technique used a decent amount of times and knew it was used as the last line of defense for someone hacking your camera."

"I don’t tape my own computer’s camera and mic but after seeing someone like Mark, who leads a world-class technology company, I might just run down the street and pick some up," Olson added.

So, yes, the Facebook billionaire might be a teeny, tiny bit paranoid. Can you blame him?

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