Mark Zuckerberg Is Making Good On His Wedding Promise To Priscilla Chan

The pair is celebrating their fifth wedding anniversary.

Happy anniversary to Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan!

On Friday, the Facebook CEO and his wife ― a philanthropist and pediatrician ― celebrated their fifth wedding anniversary. Zuckerberg marked the occasion with a sweet Facebook post (naturally!) that also told the funny story of how their wedding ended up falling just one day after the social media company went public back in 2012.

“Priscilla and I wanted a low key wedding so we decided to make it a surprise and have it in our backyard. I sent our friends and family an email telling them I was throwing a surprise party for Priscilla to celebrate her graduation from medical school. Since they thought it was a surprise for Priscilla, they kept it quiet. When they showed up at our home, I told them we were getting married. It was a great day,” Zuckerberg wrote in the post.

“One side effect of having a surprise wedding is that Facebook’s CFO who was managing our IPO process had no idea we were getting married,” he continued. “With IPOs, the process goes on for a while and you just go public when everything is ready. When I originally set the date for our surprise, we had no idea when the IPO would be.”

Despite his best efforts, there was nothing Zuckerberg could do to change the date of the IPO. Nevertheless, the wedding went smoothly, but, unfortunately, their honeymoon in Italy was cut short.

“The wedding was really special, but, as you know, our IPO wasn’t exactly smooth. Priscilla and I took off on our honeymoon, but I wanted to be with our team when things got rocky, so I cut our honeymoon a few days short. Instead, I promised Priscilla that every year we’d have a honeymoon to celebrate our marriage.”

Since then, they’ve taken honeymoon trips to places like Japan and France; last year, they went to New York City to see “Hamilton” on Broadway. This year, they’ll be staying stateside and spending time in rural Maine.

The couple, who has a one-and-a-half-year-old daughter named Max, is expecting another baby girl later this year.

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