Mark Zuckerberg Really Does Wear The Same Thing Every Day, Cops To Owning 20 Identical T-Shirts


Mark Zuckerberg is proud that he wears the same outfit every day, and he doesn't care if everyone knows it.

The Facebook CEO's style -- or lack thereof -- is a major theme of Zuckerberg's first interview since the Facebook IPO.

In the interview, which is set to air Thursday on NBC's "Today" and "Rock Center with Brian Williams," Zuckerberg tells Matt Lauer that he really does wear the same kind of T-shirt day after day after day.

"I mean, I wear the same thing every day, right? I mean, it's literally, if you could see my closet," Zuckerberg said, adding that he owns "maybe about 20" of the gray, scoop neck shirts he's become somewhat famous for.

The social networking kingpin, who recently married his sweetheart Priscilla Chan, said he lets his wife have the run of the closet in their Palo Alto, Calif., home and keeps his shirt "collection" in a single drawer.

But an incredulous Lauer pressed Zuckerberg for clarification. "I have one drawer," Zuckerberg said. "Like men everywhere. Like men everywhere."

Perhaps, but "men everywhere" aren't worth $9.4 billion, and most don't crack the Forbes Top 40 richest men in the world list before their 30th birthdays.

Because of his high-profile status in the tech world -- and perhaps also because of his relative youth -- the topic of Zuckerberg's wardrobe comes up fairly often.

In 2011, the 28-year-old was named to the worst dressed lists of both GQ and Esquire magazines, according to Mashable. The CEO has even inspired a fairly snarky parody fashion line, Mark by Mark Zuckerberg.

But some analysts have used Zuckerberg's appearance -- namely his hoodie -- to criticize his leadership skills.

In May, Michael Pachter, an analyst for Wedbush Securities, told Bloomberg that the Facebook CEO's decision to show up for a meeting with potential investors "dressed down" was a mark of immaturity, CNN reports.

As points out, however, Steve Jobs and Albert Einstein also cared little for fashion. Even Barack Obama has said he wears very similar outfits (blue or gray suits) every day in an attempt to cut down on the non-vital decisions.

"You need to focus your decision-making energy," Obama said in a recent Vanity Fair profile. "You need to routinize yourself."

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