Mark Zuckerberg Wedding Ring Absent At TechCrunch Disrupt (PHOTOS)

Mark Zuckerberg's long-awaited first public interview on stage since Facebook's IPO took place Tuesday afternoon in San Francisco.

But it wasn't something he said that quickly grabbed attention; it was what he wasn't wearing.

Observant Twitter users noted Zuckerberg was not wearing a wedding ring. After the IPO, Zuckerberg married his longtime girlfriend Priscilla Chan in May.

It's certainly possible this is simply Zuckerberg's preference, not to wear a wedding ring, and maybe he doesn't have one at all. Even so, it fueled some conversation.

Digital media entrepreneur Loy Okezie was one of the first to notice: "Why's Zuckerberg not wearing his wedding ring? #TCdisrupt"

Mashable employees also jumped on the lack of a ring. Stephanie Haberman tweeted, "Interesting question from @MurphySamanthaJ - Where is Zuckerberg's wedding ring?"

Journalist and entrepreneur Ben Parr added it was becoming a "distraction."

Zuckerberg moved his hands around a lot while he was speaking, making it clear there was no ring. See for yourself:

mark zuckerberg wedding ring

mark zuckerberg wedding ring

Before anyone jumps to wild speculation, it's worth adding that his relationship status has not changed on Facebook. It still says "Married to Priscilla Chan."

Something else Zuckerberg wasn't wearing? A hoodie.