Mark Zuckerberg's Advice To 8th-Graders (VIDEO)

Ahead of Facebook's move to its roomy new Menlo Park offices, CEO Mark Zuckerberg paid a visit to the city's Belle Haven Community School and delivered a speech to the graduating eighth graders.

After a rocky start (the school's principle mispronounced his last name and introduced him as Mark "Zuckerman"), the young founder of the world's largest social network offered some sage advice--and a few anecdotes--to the graduates.

Zuckerberg stressed the importance of "eliminating the words 'I can't'" and laid out three important lessons he's learned since his middle school commencement.

First, he said, "anything that's worth doing is pretty hard and takes a lot of work."

Second, personal relationships with "people you trust" are extremely important.

Third, you should always "do what you love."

He also shared his standout memory from middle school about his Science Olympiad teacher, Mr. Walsh, who wore an eye patch and joked with students about being a pirate.

For Zuck's full speech, check out the video (below).