Mark Zuckerberg's Desk: Facebook Founder Posts Photo Following IPO Announcement (PHOTO)

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Mark Zuckerberg might be a multi-billionaire, but a recent picture of his desk at Facebook headquarters reveals he's still pretty down to earth, even after yesterday's much anticipated IPO announcement.


An Apple computer, Gatorade bottle, and a take-out container sit atop the Facebook founder's desk in Palo Alto, Calif. Also, a giant poster with the message "Stay Focused & Keep Shipping" suggests sometimes even Zuck needs some encouragement.

Just hours after Facebook filed for its IPO on Feb. 1, the Facebook CEO posted the picture, which one New York Times writer said sends a clear message: "Mr. Zuckerberg was not going to let all his billions go to his head."

The picture garnered around 70,000 "likes" and nearly 6,000 shares on Zuckerberg's public profile as of Feb. 2, an accomplishment that might not be so difficult for a user with some 11.3 million subscribers.

Just last year, a Facebook security glitch allowed hackers to access users' private photos, including Zuckerberg's. Soon, pictures of Zuckerberg cooking and handing out Halloween candy were published around the Internet, the Los Angeles Times reported.

Mashable points out that although Zuckerberg has generally kept his lifestyle low-key, he did spend about $700,000 traveling on a private jet in 2011.

With more than 800 million users, Facebook is estimated to be worth around $100 billion. The company's upcoming initial public offering seeks to raise about $5 billion.

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