Markeese Cummings Punched Baby Girl: Cops

A man in Toledo, Ohio, is in jail for allegedly admitting that he punched a 1-year-old girl after having sex with her mother.

The incident happened Monday evening when Markeese Cummings, 24, visited the home of Simone Day, 20.

Day took her daughter into a different room so she and Cummings could have privacy. Afterwards, she took a shower while Cummings took the girl downstairs to get a drink, reports.

The girl was crying for her mother when Cummings held her in his arms. When the girl wouldn't stop her tears, Cummings allegedly told police he lost his temper and punched the baby.

The baby was hit “on the right side of her face with a closed fist causing serious harm," according to The Smoking Gun.

The exact injuries were not made public, but Cummings was charged with felonious assault and bail was initially set at $75,000.

Cummings has previously been arrested for robbery, disorderly conduct, and underage drinking.

Both the suspect and the victim's mother insisted to police they are "sexual partners only" according to the police report.



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