Market for Green Goods for Babies is Booming

Want to make millions with the environmental movement? Target junior. The market for green goods is booming in the baby arena, and the trend makes sense: Harmful chemicals are doubly damaging on those likely to be the most sensitive.

For infants, the risks include the gender-bending Phtalates, Bisphenol-A (BPA), a chemical found in baby bottles that makes you both stupid and depressed according to Yale researchers, and pesticides, doubly harmful to young immune systems.

Manufacturers smart enough to notice the public outcry have responded with an outpouring of eco products geared towards eliminating these buzz words. Just about everything a baby touches is now available harmful chemical- and toxin-free, produced in an earth-conscious way. Organic baby food is increasingly easy to find, non-toxic baby strollers are now available, manufacturers are eliminating BPA in products, and more green lines of baby furniture are launched each year.

q collection junior photo
Photos via Q Collection Junior

One of the best contenders in the latter is Q Collection Junior, which delivers its minimalistic baby furniture line made from sustainably grown wood to a growing list of celebrities.

God: the Next Big Green Trend
The next big green market? Maybe it will be God. In New York, the composting sisters of the Community of the Holy Spirit have a new green convent, topped with a green roof on the Upper West Side in Manhattan, and a new eco synagogue is on the boards in Gravesend, Brooklyn. Why not? Might as well save the planet while saving souls.