Marketers: The Art Of Creating Content, Not Ads

Point blank: there's too much content being churned out online daily. Every minute of the day, Google receives over 4 million search queries, Facebook users share over 2 million pieces of content, YouTube users upload over 72 hours of new video, Twitter users tweet nearly 300,000 times and Instagrammers post nearly 220,000 photos -- and these numbers will only increase. Consumers are becoming blind to content, and more specifically, content put out by brands. Today, their eyeballs -- and dollars -- have to be earned. But this is often easier said than done. How can brands stay relevant in a world oversaturated with marketing noise?

Consumers crave content that is specifically tailored to them.
Not only is virtually every medium clogged with marketing, much of it is not even being seen by consumers. Currently, 198 million people utilize ad blocking technologies when browsing the Internet, resulting in an estimated nearly $22 billion in blocked global revenue this year alone, according to a report by PageFair and Adobe. How do marketers get around this? Create content that consumers actually want to view. Give them humor. Give them relevancy. Give them information. Consumers crave content that is specifically tailored to their interests and makes their lives easier or better, not a flashing banner ad that slows down their browser. Banners and overtly "salesy" ads belong in the Stone Age. Relevant and helpful content is the future.

Influencer-created content is the best way to avoid ad blockers.
Who are the ultimate cultivators and curators of relevant and helpful content? Social influencers. They know the in's and out's of the types of content their dedicated audiences crave. When it comes to creating content involving a brand, an influencer's true beauty lies in his or her ability to tell stories. Rather than having a list of product specs read out like a late-night infomercial, the brand or product is spun into a key part of a recipe, a tutorial, a routine, a lifestyle change...the list goes on. The click through rate for regular banner ads is less than 0.3 percent, while CTR for content is 4 percent. The best part about it? Influencer content can't be shunned by ad blockers. It is organic, relevant and most importantly, not an ad.

Evergreen content is key to ensuring your brand is engaged with in the future.
So, content about your brand is being seen... today. How can you ensure your content will continue to be viewed and engaged with in the future? Keep it evergreen and keep it evolving. The premise of a recipe or a blog post on how to use a product will be as relevant today as it is a year from now. What might evolve a year from now is the type of recipe or the story being told about the product. What matters most is that your brand is consistently serving up (or having created for you) the kinds of content that your target audience is looking for. Once the budget for an online ad runs out, it's gone. With 93 percent of influencers relying on social media to drive traffic to their posts, influencer content can be shared over and over again.

Ad blocking technologies are only going to become more advanced and more heavily adopted by consumers. The message is clear: traditional advertisements simply do not work. What does work? Content that consumers can actually benefit from. Consumers run the show when it comes to marketing. Don't get left behind.